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IMAGIC Schedule

* The Schedule is subject to change.

IMAGIC Program

Date Time Venue Content
Sep 12 (WED) 13:10-13:40 HALL D2 Exhibition Tour
13:40-15:10 HALL D2/ D2Main Stage Korea Companies’ Presentation on Spatial Information Technology
  • Korean Geospatial Information Technology Presentation
15:30-18:00 HALL D2/ D2Business Lounge Business Meeting
  • Pre-arranged/on-site business meetings with Korean companies
15:30-18:00 CONFERENCE ROOM(SOUTH) 301A National Institutes of Advanced Countries Consulting
  • Consulting of National institutes of advanced countries for overseas advance
  • Ordnance Survey International(United Kingdom), IGN FI(France)
15:30-18:00 CONFERENCE ROOM(SOUTH) 301B MDB Consulting
  • Consulting of MDB financial Development Cooperation Fund support
  • World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, UN-Habitat
Sep 13 (THU) 09:30-10:10 CONFERENCE ROOM(SOUTH) 300 Workshop1(European Institute In Geo-Information Area)
Introduction of Geospatial Source Technology and the Case of Geospatial Convergence Application, etc.
  • Theme: The trend of international geospatial industry
  • Contents: Introduction of Geospatial source technology and the case of Geospatial convergence application, etc.
  • Participants: Government officers from appx. 15 nations(director-level in land sector), Related companies in geospatial information industry, etc. (70 participants anticipated)
  • Speakers
    • 1. Ordnance Survey International(United Kingdom)
    • 2. IGN FI(France)
    • 3. Kadaster International(The Netherlands)
10:20-11:50 Workshop2(MDB)
Guidance of International Financial Fund Application Process
  • Theme: The ways of advancing overseas project
  • Contents: Guidance of International financial Fund application process
  • Participants: Government officers from appx. 15 nations(director-level in land sector)
  • Speakers
    • 1. World Bank
    • 2. Inter-American Development Bank
    • 3. African Development Bank
    • 4. UN-Habitat
13:30-20:00 COEX Business Networking
  • Networking with Korean company, institute with Foreign government officers
13:30–20:00 Seoul & Suwon Industrial Site Introduction (Dinner included)
  • Visit spatial information applicated places and R&D preview
  • Schedule : Korea Territorial Development Museum (Seoul) → Samsung Innovation Museum(Suwon) → Bonsuwon Galbi(Suwon) → Intercontinental Seoul Coex
Sep 14 (FRI) 09:20-11:50 CONFERENCE ROOM(SOUTH) 300 Round Table Discussion
  • Introduction: Agenda discussions on mutual sustainable development of spatial information among participating countries
  • Agenda: Technological strategies for establishment and advancement of LIS(Land Information System)
    • Part 1 :Agenda discussion & Policy announcement of each nations
      1. Opening speech
      2. Progress report on the IMAGIC 2018
      3. Participating countries' presentations on Spatial Information Status (LIS)
    • Part 2 :Case presentation of Korea & Joint statement adoption
      1. Example of Korea Land Information System(Technological strategies centrically)
      2. Exchange of opinions & Adoption of the Statement
13:30-20:00 Seoul Cultural Tour (Dinner included)
  • Tour to sites of spatial information application and heritage sites of Korea
  • Schedule : Gyeongbokgung Palace → Lotte World World Tower → Samwon Garden → Intercontinental Seoul Coex

IMAGIC Workshop

The International Meeting for the Advancement of Geospatial Information Cooperation (IMAGIC) Workshop was organized with an aim to share knowledge among the participating countries for the establishment and development of spatial information. This year’s workshop, being held under the themes of European organizations’ advanced know-hows on spatial information and methods to enter overseas markets through multilateral development banks (MDB), will be open to individual participants.
Workshop Ⅰ European Institute In Geo-Information Area
Introduction of Geospatial Source Technology and the Case of Geospatial Convergence Application, etc.
Date Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 09:00 - 10:10
Venue COEX 300
Peter Hedlund
Ordnance Survey International CEO (United Kingdom)
Gaëtan Chaudagne
IGN FI Regional Director (France)
Sybrand Oosterhof
Kadaster International Project Manager (The Netherlands)
Workshop Ⅱ MDB
Guidance of International Financial Fund Application Process
Date Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 10:20 - 11:50
Venue COEX 300
Kathrine Kelm
World Bank, Senior Land Administration Specialist
Gilberto Chona
IDB, Lead Specialist
Seungsoo Jin
AfDB, Investment Officer
Oumar Sylla
UN Habitat, Chief of Section