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Smart Geospatial Expo 2019

Title Smart Geospatial Expo 2019
Date Aug 7 (Wed) – Aug 9 (Fri), 2019
Venue COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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  • 01

    Exhibition Room

    an exhibiting space to introduce and share trends and new technology information about the spatial information industry
    • An exhibition for the introduction of basis technologies in spatial information, such as measurement, cadaster, and satellite, as well as technologies converged with spatial information, such as autonomous driving, big data, and life support service.
    • A participatory exhibition with detailed explanations to help not just professionals in the sector, but also the general public easily understand spatial information.
  • 02


    domestic and international conference with many great scholars in spatial information
    • A platform for exchange to establish a global network, and share experience and knowledge of spatial information technologies.
    • A place to shed new light on the value of spatial information, and identify new agendas and direction for the industry such as spatial information technology innovation, areas of public and private sector cooperation, etc.
  • 03


    International Meeting for the Advancement of the Geospatial Information Cooperation
    • An opportunity to promote sustainable development of the spatial information sector in each country, carry out effective discussions, and produce practical results.
    • An International meeting to exchange knowledge among participating countries, share Korea's development experience, and establish a mutual cooperation system.
  • 04

    Business Meeting

    arranging business meetings to support Korean spatial information companies advancing overseas
    • A platform to share current situation and industrial trend of the spatial information sector among participating countries through various programs, such as Consultations, presentations, and business meetings.
  • 05


    Contest on drawing safety map for children / hackathon / Convergence idea contest
    • Introducing examples of national land and transportation R&D technologies that contribute to real life, and granting awards to best cases.